April 24, 2024


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Villages Sighed Relief Of Road Woes.

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Amarpur, 23rd of March 2024 :   After a prolonged struggle  five villages sighed relief of road woes. After being suffered years after years the five villages like Twichakma, Kashichandra Para, Baramuhi, Bhakta Mohan Para and Bishram Para etc have sighed out relief from the constant road woes of their locality. The road from AT road to Rambhakta Para, link no- L023 & length 3.70 km  under Ampi Nagar RD block Gomati Tripura was dilapidated condition. Sources said, the most useful road from At road to Rambhakta Para  which is 3.70 km distance was very troublesome for last many years.

An inhabitant of Kashichadra Para said, “This road was very inconvenient for last several years. Villagers used to suffer to move at night specially in rainy season including all kinds of vehicles. Now we are having smooth movement for vehicles and local pedestrians.” The inhabitants of these five villages were screaming for this miserable road to do renovation years after years. In the long run their struggle had generated positive consequence. Under the supervision of the state PWD a private agency named Rajesh Nandi has implemented its carpeting assignment including cutting side wall to make it more wide and comfortable. As per the locals report, the road breadth has been extended average 3.75 metres where it was narrow has been widened to cross two big vehicles smoothly and in many places where rain water flow may hit the carpeting proper drainage management has been implemented to protect the road carpeting. To reduce up and down of the road renovation has been done to generate smooth vehicle movement. The project implementation has been accomplished by using advanced technical method to make the road suitable for comfortable movement.

A local villager said, “We appreciate the concerned PWD department who has taken this generous initiative for this important road. Onwards now the local pedestrians, students as well as vehicles of many areas will have good movement on this road. Specially the villagers of Twichakma, Kashichadra Para, Baramuhi Para, Bhakta Mohan Para, Bishram Para as well as their adjacent areas will be benefited for coming and going to Taidu, Teliamura and Ampi market” Due to dense population adjacent this road many vehicles are running on this road. For being smooth carpeting and drainage system implementation the villagers of these areas are found happy to have this good communication achievement.

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