May 30, 2024


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YIPFT(T) Organization Conducted Press Meet. 

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Ampi, 14th of April 2024 : Targeting to upcoming Lok Sabha election 2024 YIPFT(T) has organized a crucial press meet to motivate voters here in Ampinagar Gomati Tripura today. YIPFT(T) organization is an independent party whose pacific fundamental demand is separate state ‘Tipraland’.

The YIPFT(T) organization  East Tripura Lok Sabha seat candidate Sri Satrugna Jamatia has said in the press meet, “We were in IPFT organization earlier but after being affiliated with the state government our struggle tendency for separate state has been declined. And that is why due to some ideological issues we have come out from IPFT organization and formed our YIPFT(T) party where a large number of spirited youths are affiliated with the organization to struggle with government for our basic indigenous people’s requirements. IPFT is united with the state government and since then they are unable to raise strong voice for the basic demands of our indigenous people. So, with the genuine aim for the welfare of the indigenous people of TTAADC our organization has given this Lok Sabha election candidate that we  can raise our democratic voice for the basic genuine requirements of our 19 communities in Tripura.”

The Lok Sabha election candidate Sri Satrugna Jamatia has appealed people in East Tripura Lok Sabha seat constituency to vote him for the future betterment of the indigenous communities as our movement is cent percent independent and indigenous favoured organization. He solicited indigenous and non indigenous people to vote him on his Ganna Kishan mark to make him victory in the coming East Tripura Lok Sabha election 2024.

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