July 16, 2024


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Jaruilong Bari Villagers Staged Road Blockade.​

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The Jaruilong Bari Villagers under Teliamura have staged road blockade here on Assam-Agartala national highway at Teliamura on Saturday (27th May, 2023). The villagers blocked the road demanding relief from wild elephant attacks.

The incident took place on Saturday around 9 am in Jaruilong Bari area under Teliamura police station. Locals are being attacked by wild elephants almost on a daily basis in Chakmaghat area especially in landless colony area. People are also affected by vandalizing houses and destroying crops. A person has also died in the attack of a wild elephant a few days ago. The local forest department is unable to make any permanent arrangements. Last night too, wild elephants attacked the landless colony area.

The people of the area left their houses after having dinner and somehow escaped from the attack of elephants. Such is the complaint of the local residents. In view of this, on Saturday morning, the residents of the landless colony area came together and blocked the national highway demanding a permanent solution. They demanded that the forest department take special measures to protect the local people from elephant attacks. Meanwhile, police force led by Subrata Chakraborty, officer-in-charge of Teliamura police station rushed to the news of the incident. Inform the forest department official. Later, with the intervention of the police, afterwards the national highway blockade has been withdrawn after about a few hours, with the assurance of taking measures to solve it.

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