July 17, 2024


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MIFF To Showcase 6 Films Under The Special Theme: “India In Amrit Kaal”.

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New Delhi, 16th of June, 2024 : To nurture ideas and a shared commitment for a developed nation, the 18th edition of Mumbai International Film festival (MIFF) is all set to present a potpourri of six curated films under this year’s special theme “India in Amrit Kaal”. The six exceptional films scheduled to be screened will showcase the growth, development and prosperity of India.

Every year, a special theme is selected for this section under the national competition category. The theme for the 18th edition of MIFF, is “India in Amrit Kaal”. A cash amount of Rs 1 lakh along with trophy and certificate will be awarded to the winner.

Jury for National Competition for 18th MIFF comprises of notable names such as Adele Seelmann-Eggebert, Dr Bobby Sarma Baruah, Apoorva Bakshi, Munjal Shroff and Anna Henckel-Donnersmarck who will confer the Best Indian Documentary, Short Film, Animation, Best Debut Film Award (sponsored by Govt. of Maharashtra) and Best Student Film Award (sponsored by IDPA), in addition to a host of technical awards and a special Award for Best Short Film on “India in Amrit Kaal”.

Selected Films under the special Award for Best Short Film on “India in Amrit Kaal” category


The music video is a patriotic tribute to one’s country, emphasizing the deep connection and pride felt towards it. It expresses a commitment to sacrifice and celebrate the nation’s well-being. The imagery of being “built from your soil” underscores the sense of belonging and identity derived from the land.


ONAKE OBAVVA is a film about a brave woman, Onake. When Hyder Ali’s repeated attempts to breach the walls of the Chitradurga fort were met with steadfast resistance and his army disguised as ordinary fort workers managed to access a secret route, Obavva, an unassuming housewife noticed the infiltrators slipping in through the secret path. Without hesitation, she picked up an Onake, a common pestle, lying nearby, as an unconventional weapon and confronted the intruders one by one and expertly wielded her pestle to deadly effect.


The film EVERYWHERE talks of our fast fashion lifestyle where we are driven by the urge to consume all that we can. We are ignorant about the components of our garments- most of which are made of polymers. When a garment dies, it gets buried in landfills. This film takes us to Pirana, the largest landfill in Ahmedabad, where the characters are clad in plastic to illustrate the impacts of unsustainable fashion.

  1. INDIA- HOPES 24

Indians of different generations, across the country, speak in the language they are most comfortable in, about their Hopes for India in 2024. Interspersed with a diorama of visuals from across our nation, this film is a homage to the glorious diversity that is India.


Moringa tree (Moringa oleifera) is emerging as a source of super food in ‘Amrit Kaal’. Moringa leaf has good potential to be incorporated in malnutrition eradication programs as it is very rich in nutrients and is cheaper compared to nutritional supplements. This documentary film explores the benefits of moringa and its possibility as a profitable crop which can withstand climate change and provide foreign currency.


This short documentary film delves into the challenging lives of sanitation workers in Pune, India, focusing on the experiences of a middle-aged female worker. Through her narrative, the film highlights the daily struggles and problems faced by these workers, shedding light on their working conditions and the community’s waste management practices. It also showcases the attitudes of local residents towards waste disposal.

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