April 23, 2024


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Son-In-Law Caught By The Locals For Stealing From His Father-In-Law’s House.

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Teliamura, 29th of March, 2024 : The son-in-law who was caught by the locals for stealing from his father-in-law’s house is now in police custody. The incident took place around Thursday evening in Nayanpur Champlai area under Teliamura police station. According to the details of the incident, the son-in-law of the daughter of Randhir Roy, a resident of Champlai area, broke the lock of the house in the absence of the father-in-law, along with another person. After that, the Almirah,  of the house, Sokes were vandalizing and trying to take away the belongings.

His son-in-law Sukhranjan and his partner were caught in the presence of local residents. According to sources, Sukharanjan lives in Howaibari area under Teliamura police station with his wife. Mother-in-law does not live in this house due to any family problems. Father-in-law are often absent the house. On the other hand, the local residents also complained that the son-in-law had stolen valuables including cows before taking advantage of the father-in-law’s simple life.

On Thursday, in the absence of his father-in-law, he comes to steal the opportunity. The locals were already keeping an eye on him. But was not able to catch it. He did not succeed in attracting the attention of the local residents. Finally, the local residents arrested him and his companion, later they were handed over to Teliamura police station. It is said that the police brought them to the police station and are trying to find out the real mystery of the incident.

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